N.C. Cost Share Program Sign-Up

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Hyde SWCD has received 30% of our initial allocation request for the North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program for the 2016 program year.  The remaining additional funds will become available late fall.  The sign up for applications will begin August 2015 and will continue through January 29th, 2016, on BMP’s  such as nutrient management, water control structures, and 3 year continuous no-till crop rotation.  The limit for nutrient management acreage is 250 acres and applicant must agree to carry out the practice for three years on the same land.  The incentive payment for this practice is $6.00 per acre.  The acreage limit on conservation tillage is 100 acres.  The incentive payment for this practice is $60.00 per acre.  The District has prioritized a best management practice entitled land smoothing at $150.00 an acre with a 40 acre cap.

 The purpose of the cost share program is to reduce the amount of nutrients entering surface and groundwater through best management practices (BMP’s) such as nutrient management.

 If you are interested in the program, please come by the Hyde Soil & Water Conservation District office located at 30 Oyster Creek Road, Hyde Government Center, Suite 117 in Swan Quarter, North Carolina.  You may also call our office at (252) 926-4195 or (252) 926-7253.

North Carolina Ag Development Farmland Preservation Trust Funds Available

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Commissioner Troxler announces that North Carolina Agriculture Development Farmland Preservation Trust Fund is now accepting grant applications .  Deadline for applications is December 15, 2015.  Please contact our District if you are interested in submitting an application

Video Footage of Dike withstanding Hurricane Irene

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Check out our Video Gallery to see live footage shot during Hurricane Irene by Chad & Paula Spencer.


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New Swan Quarter Dike Withstands Hurricane Irene

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The Swan Quarter Dike did what it was designed to do, said Jamie Tunnell, Hyde County’s Public Information Officer. 

“The dike actually held.  The water went right up to the very top of it.  There were some places where it was running over, because of so much rain.  But the dike itself was not compromised.  There was a report during the storm that the dike had been compromised.  So, we were working really hard to correct that rumor,” she said. 

Tunnell said most flooding in the Hyde County mainland occurred near the Sladesville and Scranton areas.

Click here to see pictures of the newly finished dike hold back the hurricane waters

This excerpt is taken from an article published in the Washington Daily News on Thursday, September 1, 2011 and written by Jurgen Boerema writer for the Washington Daily news.


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Hyde, Seek, & Discover

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Everyone had a great time at this years Hyde, Seek, & Discover Camp.  To see all the great activities offered at our camp check out the video gallery.

District Board Meeting Public Notice

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Hyde SWCD Annual Report Posted

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Please visit our Resource Center and view or download our 2015 Annual Report

Poster Contest

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Please make sure you have all posters submitted to the District office by 28th, 2015.  Thank you for your participation.

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